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Crane automatization

Crane automatisation enables us to:

  • reach a higher productivity and reliability
  • guarantee a higher precision, especially in repeating tasks
  • increase the control over and traceability of the production process

At Metalna-SRM we install Siemens operating equipment and adapt the level of automatisation to the wishes and needs of the customer.

Usually our customers opt for one of the following two options:

  1. Semi-automatic operation – the crane operator is present on the cranes and controls the process.We would recommend this option in warehouses and production facilities where the production process involves:
    – repeated movements to one or several fixed positions
    – lifting and lowering of the load with several different lifters, especially vacuum and/or magnet lifters.The automated operation enables the crane to move by itself swiftly and precisely to one or more fixed positions without the intervention of the crane operator.
  2. Automatic operation – the crane operator is not present on the crane.This option is usually used in production lines where the production process is supervised from the control room.
    – Control systems operate the entire production line including the operation of cranes (load lifting and lowering).
    – The communication protocols between the crane operation and the control system are tailored to the needs and specifications of the customer.